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Canciones de Albión (2)

The NMC Songbook - CD 1

1. David Sawer (1961): The Source [Edward Thomas]
[Claire Booth, soprano; Susan Bickley, mezzosoprano; Owen Gunnell, campanas tubulares]

2. Luke Bedford (1978): Upon St George's Hill [Anónimo siglo XVII]
[Benjamin Hulett, tenor; Antonis Hatzinikolaou, guitarra]

3. Anthony Powers (1953): Shining Plain [A. E. Housman]
[Andrew Kennedy, tenor; Iain Burnside, piano]

4. Gary Carpenter (1951): Interlude [Eva Salzman]
[Susan Bickley, mezzosoprano; Jane Chapman, clave]

5. Jonathan Cole (1970): tss-k-haa
[Roderick Williams, barítono]
6. Thomas Morley (c.1557-1602) / Colin Matthews (1946): Galliard, Version 1
[Iain Burnside y Andrew Ball, pianos]

7. Anthony Gilbert (1934): Those Fenny Bells [John Clare]
[Loré Lixenberg, mezzosoprano; Michael Chance, contratenor; Owen Gunnell, percusión]

8. Philip Cashian (1963): Daisy's Song [John Keats]
[David Stout, barítono; Iain Burnside, piano]

9. Nicola LeFanu (1947): The Bourne [Christina Rossetti]
[Elizabeth Atherton, soprano; Lucy Wakeford, harp]

10. Nicholas Sackman (1950): Maiden in the moor [Anónimo medieval]
[Benjamin Hulett, tenor; Owen Gunnell, percusión]

11. John White (1936): Houses and Gardens in the Heart of England [Christine Doyle]
[Ailish Tynan, soprano; Iain Burnside, piano]

12. Thomas Morley / Colin Matthews: Galliard, Version 2
[Iain Burnside y Andrew Ball, pianos]

13. Harrison Birtwistle (1934) : This Silence before Light [con arreglo de Colin Matthews][Harrison Birtwistle]
[Claire Booth, soprano; Huw Watkins, piano]

14. Julian Philips (1969): Blist's Hill [Simon Christmas]
[Stephan Loges, barítono; Iain Burnside, piano]

15. Anna Meredith (1978): Fin like a Flower [Philip Ridley]
[Michael Chance, contratenor; Lucy Wakeford, arpa]

16. Joe Duddell (1972): Cease Sorrows Now [Thomas Weelkes]
[George Mosley, barítono; Iain Burnside, piano]

17. Alison Bauld (1944): Titania's Song [William Shakespeare]
[Elizabeth Atherton, soprano; Andrew Ball, piano]

18. Donnacha Dennehy (1970): Swift's Epitaph [Jonathan Swift]
[Andrew Watts, contratenor; Owen Gunnell, percusión]

19. Helen Grime (1981): Nobody Comes [Thomas Hardy]
[Jean Rigby, mezzosoprano; Huw Watkins, piano]

20. John McCabe (1939): A Cat [Edward Thomas]
[Loré Lixenberg, mezzosoprano; Antonis Hatzinikolaou, guitarra]

21. Thomas Morley / Colin Matthews: Galliard, Version 3
[Iain Burnside y Andrew Ball, pianos]

22. Michael Finnissy (1946): Outside Fort Tregantle [Horatio Brown]
[Richard Jackson, barítono; Michael Finnissy, piano]

23. Phillip Neil Martin (1979): Blaze of Noon [John Milton]
[Claire Booth, soprano; Andrew Ball, piano]

24. Joe Cutler (1968): Bands [Richard Cutler]
[Daniel Norman, tenor; Andrew Ball, piano]

25. James MacMillan (1959): Mouth of the Dumb [James MacMillan]
[Andrew Swait y Sam Harris, niños soprano; Lucy Wakeford, arpa]

26. Jonathan Powell (1969): Stanzas 1814 [Percy Bysshe Shelley]
[Loré Lixenberg, mezzosoprano; Jonathan Powell, piano]

27. Thomas Morley / Colin Matthews: Galliard, Version 4
[Lucy Wakeford, arpa; Antonis Hatzinikolaou, guitarra; Jane Chapman, clave; Owen Gunnell, marimba]

28. Hugh Wood (1932): Easter [George Herbert]
[Andrew Kennedy, tenor; Iain Burnside, piano]

NMC D150 [CD 1] (Diverdi) [74'36'']
Grabación: Agosto, Septiembre y Noviembre de 2008

MacMillan: Mouth of the Dumb. [3'55''] Andrew Swait, Sam Harris; Lucy Wakeford

Mouth of the Dumb
light of the blind,
foot of the lame,
stretch out a hand to the fallen.

Shelter the vain and the insane.
Succour them.
O Columba,
hope of Scotland,
by the standing,
by the healing intervention,
make us join now with God's own holy angels:



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